Add Ons


Let’s add on Some more help!

Sending & Collecting RSVP for event= $300

·      Mailing Invitations

o   includes ordering invites to be printed, picked up and mailed on behalf of client

·      Collecting RSVP responses from your guests

Scouting Venues for Event= $400

·      Will contact at least 3 locations

o   Can visit space with client or alone and will report information prior


After Party Pick UP= $250 (amount for an hour and a half of work)

·      If you would like a GAT employee to stay after event to help pick up the event we will charge by the hour ($150)


·      If you would like to hire a housekeeping service to come in that will be a different price-

o   Coming back the next day to help will be based on the hourly amount as well