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DO: Store your Bag with GAT, DON'T: Roll your bags into bars/restaurants in Old Town

Picture this: you arrive in Scottsdale in the morning so you can enjoy our beautiful city, but your hotel/AirBnb won’t let you check in until 4PM. Crap! Now what? You and your group or family have at least one bag each and you have lunch reservations at The Montauk and there is nowhere to store your bag...

Enter GIRL ABOUT TOWN…your favorite party planner and concierge that will store your bags until you or we are allowed to go to your rental. Yep, you read that right. Houses in Scottsdale “know” us and allow us to enter before the guests. We will meet you at a designated spot in Old Town as soon as your entire group is ready for their bags to be picked up and hold onto them until we can drop them off. It is really that easy! Girl About Town has two cargo vans that can accommodate our setups and this luggage service, so you don’t have to stress about not being able to check in early. We have you covered. GAT knows your time in AZ is limited so don’t let your luggage slow you down, we will take care of it.

Here are the details, we have a 4-bag minimum, and it is $25 a bag. We will confirm drop off once the bags are in your rental and communicate with you the entire time that we have possession of your luggage.

Now what about when you are leaving the Valley and you have to be out of your rental mid-morning, but your flight isn’t until the evening? GAT can hold onto your bags until you need to go to the airport and will meet you again in Old Town to drop them off.

So, stop stressing about rolling your bags down Scottsdale Road and let us take care of this inconvenience.

Text message: 480-734-1714 to schedule your luggage storage or email

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