Meghan Alfonso

                                               Founder of Girl About Town


Who doesn’t love walking into a restaurant and the owner knows your name, and then sends over a “special” bottle of wine?

Or what about receiving that friends and family discount at great locations all over Scottsdale?

Owner and creator of Girl About Town Meghan Alfonso, has lived in the Valley for over 30 years and is 5th generation Arizonian. Whether her family helped her create the first conversation with powerful and influential businesses, she has been able to continue and solidify them even more.

Being a Girl About Town is making your life of planning that special birthday party or bridal shower not as daunting as it may seem. Use the contacts Meghan has and be your own Girl About Town and make it look as easy as popping that bottle of champagne to toast your party!

Whether you need an “assistant” and someone to help with your event or want to take the reins and create your own party but with some inside knowledge of who is the best florist or bake shop, we have it all!

Take a look at each option and we can’t wait to see what your Girl About Town looks like!