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Spring Training Arizona!

"take me out to the ball game!"

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We want to make sure you get the best spring training experience yet! From how to watch spring training games, where to stay for spring training, what to wear, and the best places to eat for spring training! Click on the guide link above because GAT got yo BACK when it comes to having the best time here in Arizona for Spring Training!

Favorite Bars / Restaurant's!

Take me out to the BAR! Where to eat for Spring Training is all ready for you to attend! Girl About Town created a list of restaurants for you, so you don't have to search more! Take a look at the list we made of our favorite places to eat during Spring Training, discounts included!

Places to Stay!

Where to stay for Spring Training games in Arizona! Hmm.. not from here? or maybe you are and need a little help? Girl About Town picked out the best places to stay in Arizona for Spring Training! From Airbnbs to Hotels, we have so much in store for you! Take a look at our Spring Training Arizona places to stay list below!

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Outfit Inspo!

We understand showing up to Spring Training is important, however showing up to Spring Training in style, is more important! Check out our guide on what we think the best outfits to wear to Spring Training are!

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