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Guys Trips Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Angels?

The Angels are the girls you want to hang out with and meet when you come to Scottsdale, but don’t how too. We have established a great roster of fun, beautiful and energetic girls that know how to get the party started. 

Why Hire an Angel?

Instead of begging your bottle girl to hang out either after hours or come over for a pool party the next day, and they never show up this will guarantee you will be hanging out with the hottest girls in Scottsdale. 

What services do they provide?

The Angels get the party started by mingling and light flirting with our incoming clients. These girls know the city like the back of their hand and know it is all about who you know in Scottsdale to have a good time. From attending your pool parties and playing outdoor games to delivering booze to your rental, the girls will make sure you have an epic weekend no matter what you are celebrating.

Will they provide any ‘extra’ services?

NO. The angels are not escorts and will not provide anything outside of the already discussed services. If someone attempts to disrespect or endanger one of the girls we will leave immediately.

Can we request certain Angels?

We are happy to take your requests into consideration but there is no guarantee the angel will be available that day. We are happy to take ethnicity, body type, and hair type though when you make the reservation.

Why is there a security guard?

Security is there to ensure the girls are safe as well as our client. The security is also the Angels’ driver and will be inside watching the girls the entire time. And NO you cannot pay extra to not have security.

Why is it expensive?

If you want the best you have to pay for the best! Plus if you think about it, a table in Old Town Scottsdale at the low end is $3000- there is no guarantee you will even speak to other girls at a loud dark bar. Then a strip club in the Valley the champagne room is $1500+ for an hour with one girl. 

Can I get their phone number or social media handle?

NO, our security officer will go over this when they arrive but the girls are told not to give out any personal information.

If we are having a great time can we pay for more time on the day of the party?

Yes of course but this will depend if the girls don’t have another party or event to get to after. We highly recommend booking as much time as possible before we arrive!

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