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An Assistant for the DAY?

Close your eyes and picture yourself having everything that goes into SETTING up for an event taken care of. Imagine someone being at the venue directing the band as to where to set up and then next they are showing the balloon lady where to put the balloon arch. Wouldn't that be just perfect? That person is putting all the floral arrangements out on the tables and arranging the entire layout of the party, while you are getting your makeup done by the girls at The Sparkle Bar.

Sounds nice, right? Well girl (or guy) that can be YOU! I have hosted so many events it is probably too hard to count and I know how much time goes into making each event perfect. I have staff who can assist me to make sure your vision come to life, and all you have to do is show up!!!

I wanted to create "Social Butterfly" as a service, so that you as the host can enjoy the event and not have to stress if the photographer is running late. Or ruin your hair and makeup from being all hot and sweaty because you are lifting bags of ice into the beer cooler. That is what we will do for you!

Social Butterfly is for day of set up. That is for the do it yourself party planner but for the person who just needs help putting all the party pieces together. Whether you book us one week out to at least three days before, we will do the heavy lifting and create the event you have been working on. Sometimes people forget to plan for set up and are scrambling as your on time guests start to arrive-and the desserts are still being set out. So stop stressing enjoy a glass of rose before your party starts and let Girl About Town help.

Check out Social Butterfly for more details but let us do the worrying or sweating... not you the beautiful magnificent host ;)

I look forward to being YOUR assistant for your next big event!



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