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BACH it up in Scottsdale!

Who has been on a bachelor/bachelorette before? In case you don’t know what a bachelorette/bachelor is, it is the “last” night the bride or groom to be can let loose before they walk down the aisle. What used to be a one night experience has turned into a fun-filled weekend! Typically, filled with too many cocktails and every now and then a few inappropriate props, you have what some see as an epic what should be made into a movie weekend.

When coming up with this idea for a blog I wanted to take a walk down memory lane and analyze the ones I had the most fun on and the ones that should’ve been one night out. So what is your guess on how many I have been on…6, 4, nope…. 10!! Yep, 10 bachelorette TRIPS! Ten times I packed my suitcase with certain restrictions because at least one of the nights everyone wears something similar. Ten times I would head to the airport for an early flight and a mimosa before we leave. And ten times I probably had a hangover the next day. (I get the worse hangovers by the way).

So let’s see… I have been on 2 to Vegas, 2 to San Diego/La Jolla, 1 to Malibu, 1 to Manhattan Beach, 1 to Napa (it is a miracle we are allowed back), 1 to Santa Barbara, 1 to Denver, and 1 to Sedona/Cottonwood. In fairness, the Sedona trip was mine but all the others were for my besties! We did a lot of wine tastings, a few outdoor activities, some shopping, one brewery tour, and LOTS of Cards Against Humanity games. There were a few strippers, a pool party, lots of shots, and endless amounts of fun.

Now that most of my friends are married it is time to share my experiences and help incoming bachelorette or even bachelor trips heading to Scottsdale! If we did not all live here, I think this would’ve been a perfect location to bach it up. There are a million options a bridal party can choose from to make their weekend a memorable one for their friend.

One thing I wish on all of those trips we had was someone to get to our Air Bnb early and grocery shop and decorate prior to our arrival. You will see below an image of one of my friends pushing a grocery cart filled with items needed for the weekend. This was RIGHT after we arrived in San Diego and thankfully we had a rental car otherwise we might’ve looked like a homeless person pushing a cart through the streets of SD.

Girl About Town can fill your fridge prior to you and your friends getting to your rental. That way you can enjoy the house and wait for everyone to arrive versus trying to set up the home. We can also decorate and collect all of the “gifts” for your girls or guys and have them out ready for you. It can be a lot for one person to bring everything in their suitcases, which is why you can mail the items to us or we can purchase the banners or balloons prior. I want to make your weekend as easy as possible for YOU. My team and I can plan as little to as much as you want us too, we just need to know a budget you feel comfortable with.

Whether you want to rage all weekend or have a relaxing spa-like experience we can cater to your requests. Message us so we can get to work on your upcoming bachelorette weekend!! Check out our mock bachelorette shoot too and just imagine this is you and your girlfriends cruising into your AirBnb!

Can’t wait to help you create an amazing weekend in my favorite town!




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