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Did someone say ROADTRIP?

         Come along as the women of Girl About Town tag along with the Balanced Bachelorette to our next city we are expanding too...PALM SPRINGS! Owners, Meghan and Baylee have been friends since they both dove into the bachelorette industry 6 years ago and have watched each other grow along the way. 

After casually mentioning to Meghan, TBB was heading to Palm Springs at the end of May to execute a photoshoot, Meghan might’ve invited herself and the team to join. Both brands have worked together on numerous shoots so they knew this would be an easy “sell” to each other and owner of the boutique hotel they would stay at!

 DAY 1

This exciting business excursion started bright and early at 8 a.m. We convened at our local office in Scottsdale, AZ, fully energized and ready to go! Content was already coursing through our veins as we prepared to depart. Our CEO, Meghan Alfonso, along with our three event coordinators Angel Lamb, Lauren Gamez, and Shailey Cox, all hopped into Meghan’s car together. Meanwhile, the two content creators Carly Hartman and Katie DeSerpa took off in the van, fondly referred to as "Regina." After stopping for fuel and snacks halfway through our drive, we entered our first destination into our maps app! The Pink Cabana had been on our bucket list from the moment we heard we were heading to Palm Springs! The Girl About Town team, along with The Balanced Bachelorette owner Baylee Gallen, and Adrian Lesoing who works for Baylee and who was our photographer joined us for lunch! While 90% of the group may have opted for the club sandwich, we were still taken aback by their beautiful charcuterie board and stunningly strong cocktails. Now, if you bet on our next destination being the hotel, you'd lose all your money. Unfortunately, we did too! The next stop the Girl About Town team made was the Cabazon Outlets, and let’s just say damage was done! Our eyes widened at the beautiful sight of the designer stores (and the marked-down prices). The team shopped until we genuinely couldn't hold any more bags! I'd say it was a success.

Ready to put away the credit cards, we checked into the Muse Hotel. This stunning boutique hotel features a beautiful lobby with flowers and hanging swings. With 9 unique rooms offering a kitchenette, private bath, and patio, any choice is a winner.

For dinner plans, the GAT team arrived at Clandestino, a beautiful Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Palm Springs. We started the night with tequila shots and small talk, and ended it with tears of laughter and more tequila shots!


After a restful night, we visited The Colony Palm Hotel and Bungalows for a delightful breakfast with spiked coffee and mimosas. It's a must-try spot! Then, we explored Mojave Flea Trading Post, a charming shop with stylish clothing, home decor, and Palm Springs souvenirs.

Alright! It's time to get down to business! The GAT team wrapped up the morning and returned to The Muse Hotel to start setting up for the big day. We were ready for the creative juices to start flowing and the work fun began! We started with the first setup, which was “Final Flamingle”. This setup included a cool hedge wall and loads of accessories such as sunglasses, towels, iridescent visors, and more. This amazing photoshoot had help by a local model, Sara StephensonThe ladies also sported the neon Same Bikini Forever bathing suits while doing a shotski out of the new pink shotski by Bach Shot Ski.

Two more Palm Springs inspired setups went up, "See You in The Desert" and "Last Splash". Every setup can be customized but we can't wait to start creating epic photo backdrops for our brides to be!

While working on our "Girl About Town" side of things, we can't forget about all the amazing companies we collaborated with! We indulged in a relaxing yoga session courtesy of The Balanced Bachelorette, followed by a calming sound bath brought to us by Lotus Bliss Yoga. If you've ever been interested in permanent jewelry, then you have to check out Sparked By LVH! She does pop-ups, private parties, and more. Working with her was a blast! Our next vendor was, Brushour by Danielle Guerrero, is an artist that brings tote bags or canvas' to paint. It was so creative and enjoyable that we didn't want to stop. A big part of “Paint and Sip” is the free spirit you have to create whatever you desire. 

As the sun started to set, we were accompanied by Chef Joslin, who made the most amazing dishes for us to test out! She slayed away in the kitchen, and it was a 10 out of 10! She’s a private chef and also caters all over the Palm Springs/Coachella Valley area.

We ended the day with burgers and french fries from the best, In N Out and called it a day.


We woke up from an amazing night's rest to pack up the van and hit the road, but not before making a long-awaited pit stop! We took a detour to Koffi to kickstart our journey home with a perfect little café experience. The cozy atmosphere and delicious coffee were just what we needed before bidding Palm Springs farewell.

Currently we are building out the team for Palm Springs and can't wait to offer all of these setups for any traveling group. If you want more info please email our CEO-

See you in the Desert soon!



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