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GAT Small Business Services

As most know, Girl About Town works hard day and night to create fabulous bachelorette parties for groups traveling to Scottsdale, Denver, and New Orleans every weekend.

But, did you know that we also have a passion for working with local small businesses? As a small business ourselves, we personally know the ins and outs of what it takes to not only run a business but to also get customers and market. Hence, we created our Small Biz sector of GAT where we offer a multitude of services such as: logo & branding creation, vacation rental consulting & styling, welcome book creation, social media management, pop up events, and lifestyle photoshoots!

Logo & Branding

Who better to brand than ourselves? Girl About Town was completely branded by the GAT team. From our girly pink logo to our kitschy website, we built our brand from scratch and we would love to help you too. With our Logo & Branding package, you would receive a custom logo that is formulated to your brand’s vision, custom typography, a 3-5 color palette, icons & submarks, and an example mood board for social media.

Vacation Rental Consulting & Styling

We know a ton of vacation rentals in Scottsdale due to bachelorette parties usually being hosted there. With those connections, we love working with local vacation rentals and helping them out. For clients who have an idea of what they want, but don’t know how to make it happen, our consulting package is perfect! We offer 2 hours of consultation and assistance with styling decisions. For the client that doesn’t have a complete design vision and needs a bit more help, our styling package includes a complete refresh of decor, a look book with new decor inspiration, set up and staging by GAT, and is featured on GAT and our blog!

Welcome Book Creation

Upon arriving at a vacation rental, guests look to a welcome book for everything regarding the home! We can help with that. This package includes creation of the welcome book, and ordering, printing, and assembly of the book. This guide will be branded around the vacation rental’s aesthetic and will include photography of the home.

Social Media Management

Social media is the main avenue for engagement and reaching out to new guests. While it can be really fun and creative, it can also be a full time job! So, why keep up with it? Allow the GAT social team to create content that is catered to your niche and audience, post daily on the feed and stories, engage with followers, and grow your following! Some accounts that we currently manage are:

Pop Up Events

A great way to launch your business or to get more customers in the door is by hosting a pop up event. This can be a big task to take on alone, but with the help of GAT, we can help make this event happen and get those guests into the door. We offer decor options, RSVP tracking, a social media strategy, food/beverage coordination, GAT staff to help run the event, raffle/giveaway coordination, and much more! We recently hosted a pop up event with Desert Mvmt for Mother’s Day and it was a huge success for not only Desert Mvmt, but all the other vendors involved as well.

Lifestyle Photoshoots

Our most popular, and possibly our favorite small business service, is our lifestyle photoshoots that are hosted by various vacation rentals in the area. With this service, we connect with 5-10 other small businesses to pull off the photoshoot and showcase different products all throughout the shoot. In this package we include: 50-75 edited photos for your brand, sourcing models and vendors for shoot, 3 hours of shooting on location along with styling and directing by GAT, timeline creation of the photoshoot, a GAT photographer, and the final photography sent to you in Dropbox. Some of our most recent photoshoots were at rentals such as:

Interested in anything you’ve seen here? We hope so!


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