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Good hair is EVERYTHING

Good hair, DO CARE! Are you like me and try to copy a style off Pinterest or YouTube and end up with a fishtail/french braid/you're not sure you can even get your brush through moment? I always think I can make that "easy" recipe or try that "undon bun" but lets be honest... I can't (tear).

So why fight with my weaknesses? I need to just accept the fact that I need a professional to help me get that "easy", I just woke up and tossed a braid in look. That is why I am here to give some love to my friends Lauren and Sam. These two #girlbosses have created an on location company called S+L Trends that will style you and your friends or group of people where ever you want.

I met them two years ago and have been impressed with their level of professionalism since day one. Being in the hair industry, I can imagine it is a tough field with a lot of competition, but I believe with their unique concept of traveling to events and homes they will capture an entirely new audience.

I love to have my hair done for an event or to offer a Braid Bar for a client but typically stylists won't leave their chair unless its a few hundred dollars. S+L Trends understand these needs and keep their costs not too high but not too low. They have the mentality that the more people and encounters they have the more they will grow. These beauties are both hair stylists as well so if you are in need of a new hairdresser, I would check them out. Lauren is stationed in Scottsdale (@l.a.dub ) and Sam (@samlindsayartistry) is in Chandler- so whichever one is closest to you I promise you won't be disappointed!

Be sure to keep up with their small business story and see that they are not just hair dressers but have a true friendship who have a love for their craft!

Follow them on Instagram @sandltrends


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