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Halloween Services

With October being just a few days away, Halloween is on everyone’s minds! While most people know us for our bachelorette parties, we also do events and would love to help you plan your 2022 Halloween bash. Whether that’s renting a backdrop and our “Til Death Do Us Party” neon sign or sending us some spooky decor to set up in your space, we can do it all!

Below are some of our favorite Halloween setups from the past! We can totally recreate or customize it to your liking, or even just use them as inspiration for your Halloween party this October!


Our disco picnic is already a fan favorite, but this picnic had a bit more customization by adding a sparkly black linen, some cobwebs to our black circle backdrop, a few spiders scattered about on plates and alcohol bottles, then of course our friendly skeleton friend had to join too!


New Orleans is all about the witchy, cursed, and creepy! This recent NOLA setup included a backdrop that was exactly that. For a more minimal Halloween setup, take notes from this black and silver setup that includes a matching garland and our iconic “Til Death Do Us Party” neon sign. Pair it with some fun goodie bags and you’re all ready to go! This would be perfect for a more corporate event or an October birthday party.


Want to add a bit of color into your party? Not a fan of the all black look? Totally fine! By building a custom “Build Your Bash” package, you can customize your rentals by looking through our vast inventory and picking exactly what you are dreaming of. Like this setup above, add some color into the garland or even add in some arches for some depth and color. Paired with some creepy sent decor like cobwebs, spiders, or skeletons, you will be all set for the best Halloween bash!

Interested in booking with us for Halloween? Hit us up by contacting our event coordinators at and we can start planning the perfect October party for your event. Act fast, Halloween will be here before you know it!

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