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Healthy YET Fun Activities in Scottsdale

Before you think I am going to preach about how to “eat clean” or rave about some new crazy exercise class, hear me out. When I go on vacation, I rarely workout and if I do it is a walk through town, swimming in the ocean, or exploring a trail but that is about it. I am not getting up early and taking a jog or looking for a class to take- probably because I can’t stand when I workout in a new fitness studio and it SUCKS.

Well, I have a few ideas if you are coming to Scottsdale on fun "healthy" outings. I am not only a member but a brand ambassador for Barre3. There are a few studios in the Valley and even one up north in Flagstaff but my two favorites are the PV location and the North Scottsdale one. The vibe in the studio is bright and everyone who works there is beyond friendly.

I would love to help you add a fitness class to your itinerary if you are coming to town on a girls trip and might need an hour to regroup or detox. The classes are tough- but in a good way. They get your heart rate up, muscles will shake, and you are 100% going to leave dripping. Message me if you want to take a FREE class or join me for a total body workout. The instructors love newbies so let me know if you and your crew are interested and we can include a class with your visit to Scottsdale.

A few other fun and get out and move types of activities for your stay in Scottsdale include; hiking one of our mountains, taking a spin class at my favorite studio The Madison, or trying the popular BODI class in Old town. We also have met a few amazing local yoga instructors who will come to your rental and give you and your friends or family a private class.

Camelback Mountain (Cholla trail- a tad easier than Echo)

Tom’s Thumb Trail (hard)

Pinnacle Peak Trail

Lost Dog Trail

Those are just a few of the trails we have, but please remember people when you are visiting; don’t touch the spiky cactus, watch out for snakes, and drink LOTS of water. Please do not try to make your own trail and explore. Make sure you do not consume alcohol while hiking, and last but not least do not hike at night. If you have to be rescued for a “lame” excuse you will be fined a hefty fee!

So enjoy our state and let me know if you want to take a barre3 class or even a spin class and I will hook you up!




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