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Ice Cube Flowers

Alright people, contrary to what you may think I am not very crafty. I can come up with the idea but to actually make it happen sometimes takes me a minute. I wish there was a class of simple art tasks I could take since the last time I took anything artsy was in 8th grade. Even ask my employees, I am not allowed to cut any paper or write on a chalkboard.

But lets focus on my strengths and that is being able to watch a YouTube video and follow directions!! LOL So a few weeks ago we wanted to do a shoot with our new “Bubbly Bar” decor and I thought it would be fun to put flowers in ice cubes and freeze them!

And amazingly they turned out!! Here is my quick how too:

  1. Get a variety of different colored flowers…we stuck to roses but I would suggest any small flower just NO babies breathe (those are poisonous)

  2. Boil about 4 quartz of water. That way your water is clear when it freezes

  3. While the water is boiling trim off the tops of the roses/flowers and start placing them in the trays.

  4. Side note: I used muffin tins (you can put larger flowers in them and they made a circle of ice…sort of cool) I also used silicon rubber trays that were shaped as hearts as well as mini muffin tins that were rubber. The silicon ones are easer to pop out the ice also

  5. Trim the flowers. I also had my amazing bonus daughter help me and she cut a bunch of petals and placed them in the trays and we added the leaves to some also. (glitter would be fun to add too)

  6. I also allowed some of the roses to be sticking out so it was like a 3-D ice cube

  7. Let the water cool

  8. Use a ladle to scoop out the water and fill each flower holder with water almost to the top

  9. Pop them in the freezer over night

  10. Take them out in the morning and use them in a champagne bucket or in an ice bucket.

EASSSSYYYYY I put the ice cubes in rosé and it gave the drink a yummy scent. The whole process was simple and it took me maybe 20 minutes to actually make!

Let me know if you have any suggestions or have done this before…but here are a few images of the process <3




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