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It's about the Grads

Most colleges are already out of school but high school is about to end for hundreds of students in the next few weeks. With graduation, comes LOTS of parties to go too and the question if you should host one for your grad! And the answer is YES. He/she worked hard over the last four years and deserves to be celebrated.

I made a list of a few tips to host a great event for your grad to be!


  • Balloons…I mean do I need to explain more? Whether you want a full balloon arch or just a few balloons throughout the house I would for sure have some because everyone loves balloons! Contact Bubble Hustle for a price quote on great balloon creations

  • Guest Takeaway- cookies shaped as graduation caps or diplomas. Gracious Creations is my go too

  • Selfie Station- every high school kid loves taking pictures and sending them to their phones, so why not have a selfie station set up in your backyard for the teenagers?! Check out MisGif and Desert Selfies for prices!

  • Desserts- the new party hit is unbaked cookie dough…create a fun dessert table with (safe to eat) unbaked cookie dough from ScoopWells

  • Marquee Letters- spell out your grad’s name or “2019” with 4ft marquee light up letters. We love Your Wedding Letters as a rental location!

Cute ideas for guestbooks are envelopes everyone can write their addresses on so your grad can send thank you letters and have their address! I also love the idea of everyone signing a globe, or a puzzle piece, or even jenga pieces. Makes it different and unique but useful ;)

If you do need help setting up a party be sure to let us know ASAP! We have a special going on right now and would love to help you create a memorable party for your grad!




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