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Lashes on FLEEK

“Beauty”, they say it is in the eye of the beholder but as most of us ladies know it can be hard to see ourselves as beautiful. I know I struggle with feeling secure within myself and believe that I am “beautiful” until I have a full face of makeup on, at least two cups of coffee in me, and did a barre3 workout.

But as I get older I am beginning to notice things I did not notice before. Like the smile lines or the “crow feet” (what a terrible terrible description someone thought of) or the extra water weight that seems to come more often than normal. I am not going to drop names, but a lot of my friends are heading towards the needle…BOTOX. I have kept my foot down and face away from that type of “preventative” treatment. Plus, my husband said if I do that he will bounce, so that is reason enough to not poke my face with a needle.

There is no judgment to those who have, and I applaud you for braving the pain because I am sure it is a tad petrifying. But I have been interested in researching and trying other alternatives in Scottsdale.

I have also considered getting eyelash extensions but after thinking about it I heard about eyelash lifts and tinting! A fellow barre3 member Chanel and owner of Luminosa Beauty Bar has the cutest and soon newest eyelash bar in Arcadia. I was nervous attempting a new treatment especially on my eyelashes, which I have always had long ones but if I was going to try anything it was going to be this. And now I am HOOKED! See below for the before (image 1) and the after image. I loved how curled they became and the instant lift the treatment did on my lashes.

The entire treatment is about 60 minutes and it is less than $100. If you want to get your lashes done before the New Year so they have an extra curl and tint book TODAY or tomorrow to receive 15% off!! Mention Girl About Town so you can receive this amazing discount.

Not only do they have lash lifts but Chanel has created a wonderful spa with; organic spray tans, nail and skincare services, and eyebrow henna and powder brow.

Happy Almost New Year


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