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I am no celebrity…. but I just had a custom shirt created for me. Yep, that is right I hired an amazing custom apparel designer Q. Contrary to design a classic white collard shirt.

Well, let’s start from the beginning and be honest and tell you my husband Sean, actually first got to experience the VIP treatment by owner Mary Contrary. She immediately made him feel comfortable and explained her background in personalized suit and clothing design. Sean, has had shirts made for him ever since I have known him because he loves matching his unique sneakers and hats to his shirt. Whether it is a new pair of Jordans or a limited edition pair of Nikes, as soon as they arrive he is making an appointment to customize a shirt to go with his new kicks. Sean relies on his tailor to help him match the colors perfectly so when Mary showed up with endless possibilities of fabrics, we knew he was going to create the perfect shirt.

After seeing the end product of his shirt and how every idea and detail that was decided was what she promised, I decided to order my first ever custom shirt. I knew I wanted a classic white shirt that could be worn year-round. I also knew I wanted an exaggerated collar and my initials to be somewhere on the shirt.

Mary made a lasting impression and is for sure someone I would recommend if you are looking for a unique/different type of gift for someone you love. Whether it is a collard shirt or a full suit Q. Contrary is the company to use. I am excited to see what else we design together but I can for sure tell a difference from a custom fitted shirt versus a shirt you buy off the rack. Now, I see why celebrities tailor EVERYTHING. Our bodies are so different making it impossible to look as great as we should in a piece of clothing we buy at the store.

Holiday gift idea #1 from Girl About Town is a custom shirt certificate. Give it to someone you love who likes to feel and look a little GQ.




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