Must Have Essentials for Your Bachelorette Grocery List

When traveling for a destination bachelorette party, the last thing anyone wants to think about it going grocery shopping for all the essentials like snacks, water, and alcohol. With GAT, you don’t have to because we can do it for you. One of our top packages that is loved by clients is ourFill the Fridge add-on that essentially allows for the team at GAT to go grocery shopping for your bachelorette before you even arrive to your Airbnb or hotel.


When requesting a Fill the Fridge add on, you may be wondering what should we even add to our grocery list? Well, let us help you give you a flexible outline that can be utilized whether the team at GAT is filling your fridge or you decide to do it yourself. Along with that, we can provide some great product recommendations that we think really makes the bachelorette a blast!


You have to stay hydrated during your bach so we recommend purchasing:

-      WATER! For parties 12+, we recommend getting 3-4cases of water to make sure everyone in your group stays hydrated.

-      Soda (Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, etc.)

-      Other non-alcoholic beverages (Gatorade, coffee, LaCroix, lemonade, etc.)


To get the party started, you need some alcohol essentials like:

-      A few cases of hard seltzer (Truly, White Claw, etc)

-      A variety of your preferred liquor options such as vodka or tequila

-      A bottle of wine or two (for the chiller nights)

-      Multiple bottles of champagne (can’t forget this when throwing a party!)


If you want to add a bit of spice to your beverages, you are going to need mixers and specific ingredients such as:

-      A few juice options (cranberry, orange, pomegranate, and even lemonade)

-      Fresh fruit for garnish or for chasers (limes, lemons, etc)


Even though the bach will probably be hitting up some of OldTown Scottsdale’s best restaurants, you should always have a few snacks on hand too. Some favorites are:

-      Fruit and veggie trays

-      Breakfast items like eggs, yogurt, bagels, cream cheese, bacon, etc.

-      Chips and a dip (salsa, hummus, guacamole, etc.)

-      Candy

-      Cookies

-      Popsicles


And don’t forget disposable plates, cups, and silverware if your Airbnb doesn’t provide them or if you just don’t want to do the dishes!

Want to see how the final result comes together? Check out our TikTok and watch us Fill the Fridge for a few bachelorette clients!

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