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Our Favorite Bachelorette Party Themes

Girl About Town is the go-to bachelorette party planning company in Scottsdale, Arizona. From itinerary planning, to decorating your vacation rental, we’ll do all the hard work so you can enjoy your celebration! At Girl About Town, you have the option of choosing one of our decor packages or sending us all your pre-purchased decor to be set up at your Airbnb before your party arrives.

Your bachelorette party should always reflect the personality of the bride, and we’ve seen some great one’s! Here are some of our favorite themes we’ve set up from past clients.

1. It’s Britney Bach

Bring back the 90’s with this Britney Spears inspired bachelorette party!

This bachelorette party had a “It's Britney Bach” balloons, complete with a pink, blue, and gold balloon garland. Also included in the decor was a ballon wall “#cluckmebabyonemoretime” - include your own future last name in this unique hashtag!

The cherry on top of this awesome Britney Bach party was the python from Britney’s 2001 VMA performance, a must have for any Britney Spears theme!

2.Space Cowgirl (Kasey Musgraves)

Probably our favorite at the GAT office, Space Cowgirl is the perfect theme for any fun bride!

Bring out your inner Kasey Musgraves in the west’s most western town of Scottsdale! With the perfect pop of pink and cow print, this theme is so trendy and will wow all your girls! Put on your neon cowboy boots and sequins hats, and go on ride away, in your Silverado (see what we did there).

3.Scottsdale Before the Veil

Scottsdale’s staple theme, you can never go wrong with a Scottsdale Before the Veil! Complete this decor set up with a glittery pink wall fringe and a pink monochrome balloon garland - or mix it up with whatever colors your bride loves. Scottsdale Before the Veil can fit perfectly with any colors and decor you want!

Not heading to Scottsdale? Get your Last Kick on Route 66 in OKC!


It’s written in the stars this is your next bachelorette theme!

Perfect for the bride who knows all her bff’s Sun, Moon, and Rising signs (is she a Pisces??). This unique theme has a beautiful silver star tassel with a colorful star and moon balloon garland, complete with a tarot card backdrop.

Take your celestial theme to the next level with an in-home tarot card reading and beautiful crystals & geodes for decor.

Upgrade your bachelorette party with a fill the fridge, itinerary planning, private chef, and more!


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