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Scottsdale Before the Veil

Growing up in Scottsdale my entire life my friends and I loved to explore other cities when it was time to celebrate our brides to be. For mine, I did have my girls and I go up to Sedona for the weekend for wine tasting, but the majority of my crew had us travel to Vegas, Cali, or Colorado.

BUT Scottsdale is one of the most popular destination spots for incoming bachelorettes! I was researching top weekend locations and Scottsdale lands right in the middle on places to go for a 3-day bachelorette weekend. Averaging at about $1,198 per person makes Scottsdale a more reasonable spot versus NY which is almost $2000 and LA, which hits your wallet at $1500 a person.

Now that you made your decision to head to our desert oasis, I wanted to share a few of my favorite spots and places I would recommend to you!


Brunch Spots:

Bottle Service

I could go on, but then why would you need us to help you with your weekend in the Valley of the Sun?! With each group we leave a recommendation list that is custom to where your AirBnb is located. There are so many great options in Scottsdale to go too and check out, that we will create a memorable weekend for you and your girls…or GUYS! If your man is coming out here for his bach let us help plan the weekend so they aren’t aimlessly searching for things to do.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can create a one of a kind trip for you and your girls please fill out our bachelorette form and let’s get to planning! Also take a peek at our Pinterest board for even more inspo ideas!




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