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Now that Halloween has passed the next TWO biggest holidays of the year are coming up. Like right around the corner… I am talking, Christmas music is starting to play in the stores. WHAAAAT?!

Are you as shocked as I am? Good, now that we have both taken in the fact that Thanksgiving is just a few days away from this Thursday we can talk about kind of decorating we are looking forward to doing.

I just recently restarted my Pinterest account and I am so excited to begin saving #holidayinspo for anyone who needs a little bit of guidance. I am a huge fan of that picture program and use it all the time for event purposes or theme ideas. (shoot my secrets out) ;)

Let’s talk about Thanksgiving since it is happening in a blink of an eye. My family and I are hosting a dinner for almost 20 people and I am SO excited! At first when I married my husband it took me a minute to get used to having holidays with anyone other than blood relatives. I know, every family is different and there is not a rule book for how one should spend their holidays, but I am happy to know that we will let ANYONE who does not have somewhere to go come over for the holidays. Having two dinner tables and needing to move the party outside means we were there for someone who would’ve been alone otherwise.

For Thanksgiving I have already purchased numerous items and have a collection going on in my office. I do not want to spill all of my secrets since I want to show you the finished project, but imagine; pheasant feathers, maple leaves, wood, dried wheat, and a Thankful Turkey plush toy.

What are your favorite decor items for Thanksgiving? How about the food? Do you for sure have something specific that night? I am looking forward to an evening with friends and family celebrating what we are thankful for.

Send me your images or tag us on Instagram so we can see what our clients and friends do on this special day.

If you are needing help organizing your table and setting up, we can help! My team and I could decorate your table the week leading up to the event (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday). That way you can enjoy your table longer than one day. BUT you need to let us know ASAP! The price might be discounted if you book with us TODAY (11/13) so do it. Email us at

Happy almost Turkey day and until then remember to be kind to one another!




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