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Super Bowl & Waste Management Concierge Services

With the 2023 Super Bowl and Waste Management Open being the same weekend this year in Phoenix, all local businesses are fully preparing for the busy season and the influx of so many new visitors!

While you are waiting to see who makes it to the Super Bowl and possibly thinking about purchasing tickets to the big game, don’t forget to check out Girl About Town to handle all the small tasks, so you don’t have to. For the season, we would love to offer our Fill the Fridge services, along with itinerary planning and decorating for Airbnbs!


When traveling to a new city, the last thing you and your group want to do is head to the grocery store. You would much rather just get the party started with some fun drinks and all the snacks your heart desires. So, instead of trying to do the heavy work of going to the store, picking the items out, and unloading them in the Airbnb, just hire us to do it instead! Prior to arriving, you and your guests will just send over one consecutive grocery list and our team members will review it and shop for you! We will schedule it to be ready on the day of your arrival, we will go to the grocery store to pick it up for you, then unpack it neatly in your house’s fridge and on the counters. So by the time you even arrive, all those drinks are cold, the liquor is chilled, and the snacks are stocked, so you can just enjoy your weekend!


Scottsdale is buzzing with fun restaurants, bars, and clubs! Being an Old Town newbie, you may not even know where to go or how to get in (because trust us, that weekend, you WILL need a reservation!). So, hit up our event planners and we will put together a solid itinerary that includes everything you’ll need before you arrive. We will set up the reservations, give you the locations, and ensure that you get a nice balance of relaxation and fun! That Maple and Ash reservation? We got you! Want bottle service at the clubs in Old Town? We can do that! Maybe you’d rather stay in and have a private chef cook you dinner? No worries, we can do that too!


Perfect for the ultimate Instagram opportunity, let us spice up your Airbnb with some fun decorations! Whether you had one of our specific themes in mind like Last Disco, Final Fiesta, or Bach to the Country Club, we will stock your house full of fun goodies and the cutest backdrop that is perfect for Instagram. Or maybe you want to send some decor that you found online? Totally fine by us! Just send it to our warehouse and we will set it up in your Airbnb, waiting for you to arrive and enjoy!

With only a few months to go, don’t wait to get your Super Bowl and Waste Management Open plans all set up. Book with us today so you can come to Phoenix and not have to worry about a thing!

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