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The BEST Restaurants in the Valley

What a simple subject…right? Well you have NO idea how many times people who have lived in Arizona forever still ask me where they should go to dinner, or what is the best patio in the Valley of the Sun! So I wanted to share my top 10 favorite places to eat in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

I hope this will be helpful for anyone who needs a suggestion on a great spot to eat! So, whether you are living in our bubble or you are visiting our town-take a peek and enjoy!

Drum roll please…

Top 10 Restaurants

  • City Hall: BEST for date nights and kid free outings. ORDER the butter cake no matter what

  • AZ 88: Great for a girls night out

  • Rokerji

  • Obon Sushi

  • Olive & Ivy: GREAT patio in Scottsdale

  • Pomo: A yummy Napolitano pizza restaurant that is great for adults and kids!

  • Goldies: Sports bar like spot and you must try the monocaci focaccia :)

  • Sumo Maya

  • Guidos Chicago Meat & Deli

  • Chelsea’s Kitchen- great for families and date night

Whether you are looking for a night out with your man or a chance to not have to cook for your family I believe at least one of these can tick that box for you. If you can PLEASE make a reservation that makes the process a whole lot easier on both you as the guest as well as the restaurant.

Bon Apetit!




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