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The Found.ress

Networking...some people's cup of tea and other people's worst nightmare. I have been looking to join a networking group for a few years (yes, years) now! When I graduated college and was working for a PR firm in Phoenix, and my boss Carole Bartholomeaux insisted I go to as many networking gatherings as I could. For a girl who already loved to socialize and now I have a business card to pass out and I get to bounce out of work a little early... it was a win win!

That is until I went to a few. You know the ones I am talking about where you aren't sure if you're at a networking meeting or a speed dating meet up. Or the ones where you have to stand up and do a "pitch" then bring 98347847 business cards and referrals to the next meeting...umm no thank you.

I was feeling a tad defeated and took a break from the networking world. I constantly would be asked to join the Valley 20/30 club but just did not want to walk down another path of doing extra work after a long week or it being too clicky.

Sooooo fast forwards about 5 years and I just joined The Foundress. This woman empowerment group is not just a meet and greet and sit by your buddy who you came with type of group. The Foundress is a get out of your comfort zone, introduce yourself to a variety of people but first let's all "floss" in our heels together!

The launch party was at The Scottsdale McCormick Resort and Spa and it was nothing but beauty from each area of the garden. The Sparkle Bar was on hand doing makeup touchups, S+L Trends (my ladies) were doing braids for every guest and then there were touches of design and photo opportunities at each corner of the event. As soon as I walked onto the grass I knew this is where I belong. I loved the vibe and new ideas the Foundress was making us "fancy schamcy" business ladies do. Learning more about their mission and how they believe in our community was refreshing. I left feeling like I was flying and started telling all of my friends and colleagues about this great new (almost secretive) group.

After a lot of excitement and not knowing when the Foundress was going to launch I was ecstatic to finally have the first meeting on my calendar. Today was meeting numero uno. Not like I am surprised but it was great. Founders, Coley and Lindsey have chosen amazing mentors to assist the members in all different fields of business. The mentors are there for us to answer any questions we might have and to guide us through tough business decisions.

I have been getting to know one of the mentors, Aubrey Kinch because she not only has a thriving blog and is passionate about her business but she is a bonus mom too. Thanks to the Foundress I am able to meet these amazing women and connect with them on a more one on one basis.

Today we were told "this is an invitation to get crazy and have fun"- stated by Coley. Well I am down and if you are a woman who is looking for something new and different consider The Foundress. Our next meeting is September 6 and I promise you won't be disappointed!


Girl About Town

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