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Treatments with NO Needles

Being a woman, can be tough. Not just because we are super heroes most days but because we are constantly comparing ourselves to one another. Everywhere we turn we are looking at an airbrushed image or a filtered as f**k photo thinking, “thats what I should look like”. Then some of us are heading to our nearest doctor and asking with an image in hand, “can I look like this?” WELL THATS ENOUGH!

Lately we have been constantly hearing women preach about standing on our own and believing in ourselves but why is that so tough? Why can’t we seriously just stop worrying about the perfect angle or lighting and take the damn picture…? Well I am beyond guilty and even though my life on social media looks put together, rosy, and effortless…well it is not. I have areas I want to make smaller or wrinkles I can see sprouting and want to change them.

I refuse (and my husband would also kill me) go down the botox route. And believe me I am creeping up to my 35th birthday this summer and most people in my circle have been an avid user of botox for years now. I am petrified as to what everyone will look like after a few more years in their system.. BUT that is not what this article is about. I am here to tell you about an amazing local esthetician, Simply by Nature. Angeline the owner invited me to come by her studio and try out a few of her new treatments. I had gone to see her before for cupping and felt like a new person after she worked on my back. I was having a lot of shoulder pain and after months in physical therapy with nothing to show from it besides aches and pains…cupping did the trick.

I went back a few weeks ago and she did a few different treatments on me. I had a leg compression therapy while laying on a jade and amethyst bio mat. The mat helps calm my sympathetic nervous system as well as assists with circulation and helps with heart health. She also did a digestive treatment, which includes a castor pack to help break up any congestion in our colon. When I had walked in I felt bloated and icky and after I left I felt back to myself. I workout at least 3 times a week and have been feeling so tired and puffy…and the digestive treatment instantly helped. Angeline gave me some tips on how I can look more into a few issues and she sent me off with a a calming oil and Simply Lips! The lip gloss helps with dry and cracked lips and gives me extra moisturizer. The calming oil I have been using before bed and has; frankincense, lavender, clary sage, and neroli to calm your nerves and helps with anxiety.

Well now I sleep like a baby and have beautiful lips ;) I highly recommend checking out Simply by Nature to see if you can cure an issue that might be causing you pain or discomfort. I am so happy I did and now have something to check into to if I still feel lethargic or bloated! If you make an appointment be sure to tell her Girl About Town sent you!



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