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Update Your Vacation Rental

Recently we’ve had the opportunity to expand our services to vacation rentals through various avenues. As you may (or may not) know, two months ago we became co-hosts to The Brass Cactus, a cute townhouse in Old Town Scottsdale. And we have also added a few more social media management clients to our roster. But one of the most exciting projects we’ve been working on over the past month is the redecoration and branding of the Scottsdale Haven, an Airbnb in Scottsdale.

Taking what we learned from our experience hosting the Brass Cactus, we already had an idea of what guests really appreciate in a vacation rental, and we knew we needed to bring some of those ideas over to the Scottsdale Haven. So below we’ve put together a list of some of our tips for updating your vacation rental in order to attract more visitors.


In our experience, the most aesthetically pleasing vacation rentals tend to be the most consistently booked. Why? Because people want to stay in a place that looks nice and feels somewhat home-y. Nobody feels comfortable staying in a vacation home that is basically empty besides a few beds and a couch. The little touches are really what make the space. For example, a home we are at a lot is the Pink Cactus. Girl groups LOVE this house for its decor and for that reason, though it is geared towards women, it is consistently booked.


Often an afterthought, having enough outlets is extremely important in this digital age. Bonus points if they have USB ports to plug into. A nice looking power strip on both sides of the bed in each bedroom will allow guests plenty of places to plug their devices in.


One idea we’ve inherited from the Brass Cactus is providing individually packed makeup remover wipes. Guests will love the extra thought behind having a jar of individually wrapped makeup remover wipes on the counter, plus you’ll be able to avoid having them stain your white towels.


If you aren’t already using white linens, you should be. Guests want to be able to look at these items and immediately know that they are clean, and the easiest way for them to do that is with crisp white bedding and white towels.


Another perk we love about the Brass Cactus is the coffee maker situation. The Keurig coffee maker with both the single cup and pot option is the ideal appliance for a vacation rental. There is no way to predict what type of coffee a guest prefers. We provide a few pod options for guests, including hot cocoa, and then if they’d like, they can buy a bag of ground coffee to use to make a pot for more than one person.


These are seriously the best. It’s always so annoying to arrive somewhere new and not know where anything is. Instead of having guests go through every cabinet and drawer to find the plates and cups, these handy stickers tell guests where everything is, without the hassle of opening every single one.


This is a decorative touch that is also functional. Include a cocktail book, a shaker, an ice bucket, and a strainer, and your guests are all set to make a cocktail before they lounge by the pool all day. Guests love to see thought put into decor pieces, and setting this up will make for a memorable moment.


At the Brass Cactus, we leave two snack jars on the counter for guests to take what they’d like. We fill them with oatmeal packets, Cheez-its, mini Clif bars, and mini Kind bars. And while we aren’t sure if all guests grab from them, we like to keep them stocked just in case. Plus, we’re sure that many guests will appreciate having the option for a small breakfast or quick snack before continuing on with their day.


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