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We’re AirBnb Co-hosts!

Through working with groups coming into town, we've had the opportunity to work with and see many beautiful vacation rentals in Scottsdale. And at the beginning of this year we started envisioning what it’d be like to have a vacation rental of our own. We even put a GAT House on our 2020 vision board!

And now, we are SO excited to announce that we are now co-hosts to The Brass Cactus, a cute lil AirBnb near Old Town Scottsdale! When we were asked if we’d be interested in co-hosting, we knew this would be the perfect opportunity to dip our toes into the vacation rental world, giving us the chance to see how things operate behind the scenes. We may have a little bit of a learning curve ahead of us, but our concierge business is expanding and we couldn't be more grateful!

See the pictures of the whole house on Airbnb and be sure to follow The Brass Cactus on Instagram @thebrasscactusaz!

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