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Why the Rebrand?

Notice anything different about our brand? Well, unless you have never seen our logo or I guess paid close attention to it, then you might not notice that we just rebranded the entire company. We are about to turn 3 years old in January and I felt it was time to switch things up. When I first started the company we were a totally different brand. I saw the company as just being a resource spot for locals who needed a little bit of guidance. Girl About Town was going to sell a MASTER LIST that had all of my best kept secrets of places to check out, who to hire if you were throwing a party, what florist was the best in town, and what to do with your kiddos throughout the year.

Thanks to one amazing woman who lives in Portland and asked me to set up her AirBnb with a margarita bar, the entire company shifted in one day. Our new concept was going to be providing out of town guests with the best places to stay at, where to eat, and what to do while visiting the Valley of the Sun. We jumped right in and began setting up bachelorette parties for girls celebrating their “final fling before the ring”. GAT helped them with everything from decorating, to filling their fridge, to itinerary planning. I was shocked (as well as excited) to see how many girls liked this service and needed our help.

I love connecting and meeting new people, especially if I am going to work with you or refer people to you, which is why when the girls started asking us to help them find places to stay it was important to me to find them the best locations. I immediately went to one of our clients who was first a friend, owner of Stay Porter, Elizabeth Shapiro, and asked her for advice on how to go about being a concierge company. She gave me some pointers but basically said this was a great idea and to run with it. Since our meeting she has sent us hundreds of jobs to service her incoming guests.

So after just three short years GAT went from being an event consultant to a travel concierge and vacation homeowner resource for anyone who currently or is thinking about owning a short term rental. Today, GAT still sets up fabulous bachelor/ette parties and birthday celebrations, but we’ve grown even more to now redecorating and refreshing STR, providing social media management, creating logo and branding packages, as well as co-hosting.

Our branding today I feel encompasses everything we’ve grown to because not only are we the KEY to fun while in Scottsdale, but we are the key to creating a new brand for you and a business you can be proud of. Let us unlock all of your brand's potential by hiring a company that was built to show off why our desert town is special and magical in its own right.

I hope you will continue on our journey with us.


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