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3 NIGHTMARE Bachelorette's Our CEO has been on


Being in my late 30’s I have been on my fair share of Girls trips as well as bachelorettes here are few of the worst.

Don’t tip over Laundry carts- My best friends bachelorette was all of ours first trip to celebrate her Final Fling before the ring. The itinerary was to go to Napa and go wine tasting and stay in Yountville. If you haven’t been Yountville it is super nice and expensive so we were already over our heads with the hotel and the atmosphere. There were probably 12 girls total and of course one girl (there is always at least one) that got too drunk on the ride from the Oakland airport to the hotel and was a MESS by the time we arrived to the resort. My room (which had four girls including me) were hanging out and getting ready for dinner when the phone rang and it was the front desk. SHIT The manager told me the drunk girl was causing a scene and was caught tipping over a laundry cart!!! The manager told me it was either all of us to leave or her and we voted her out…she had to leave and sleep in the Oakland airport. We never spoke to her again…

Can I get back on my Flight? I went on a bachelorette to Vegas with a group of girls I wasn't that close with which was a bad idea already. Once we arrived to the hotel and i was happy to see the bride to be and my close friends the nightmare had just begun. The bride cried almost every other hour, there was fighting amongst the group and the girls were screaming at each other like a talk show, and the expectation of staying out all night was an obligation. I think i ate one meal on the trip and swore i wouldn’t go on another trip without close friends. Oh and the bride cried during her whole wedding too.

Just say no to Strippers- We thought it would be funny to hire a stripper for our friend Michelle- but not tell her. While we were distracting a man in a firemans outfit cruised down the stairs and asked to “put out her fire”…she legit thought it was a real fireman until ”ride it my pony” came on and her mom and the moms friend were throwing out bills. It was fun and we have some great  memories but save your money girls…

Those are probably my top but the hardest part is always the planning….so let us handle those details and keep your sanity. These three stories are from 2011-2013....the BRIDE sashes and us grocery shopping after we get to our destination was one main reason I wanted to plan bachelorette parties!! And if you're reading this and this was one of your bachelorettes of course I had fun there were moments that made it nightmarish!


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