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Holidays on a BUDGET

Even though we all like to think we have a Kardashian budget the moral of the story is that we don’t. Believe me, if I could put a snowy hill in my backyard to sled down I would! Now let’s get REAL, my decor includes; Christmas lights, a tree, and some table decor is all that is going up.

I have a great idea so your house has unique items and pieces but your wallet isn’t suffering. A few weeks ago we did a photoshoot with Goodwill and Weezy’s Playhouse and our task was to decorate my home with all Goodwill items. At first I was like hmmm I didn’t know Goodwill had decor for certain holidays so I thought I would have to borrow a lot of items from family and friends or even rent scary monsters- but I was pleasantly surprised.

Goodwill in August had a TON of spooky Halloween decor! Omg there were; pumpkins, skeletons, goblets, witch hats, monsters, candelabras, and more! My team and I left the store off Thunderbird and Scottsdale with SIX carts filled with items. All of the items were reasonably priced and were in good condition. Since we were just borrowing the items I do not have the total amount of the items but it for sure wouldn’t have put you on the streets because of a party.

Goodwill releases decor about two months before the actual Holiday…so GO NOW to your local Goodwill and grab your Thanksgiving and Christmas Decor. I like looking for dishes and chargers that people have gotten rid of, or even candlesticks and tablecloths is a great item to see if they have versus paying full price for one at another store. I only use this item one day out of the whole year, I don’t need to a buy a new one that is going to have gravy stains and probably red wine on after the event.

If you are wanting help to find these amazing items or put it all together, let us know! The holidays are QUICKLY approaching and we want to be sure you celebrate the way you want too! Contact us today for our party planning services.

Good luck and send us images of what you find! Plus after you use it just return it back to the store so you don’t hold onto all year! It’s a win win!



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