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When Should You Visit Scottsdale?

We (us ladies at Girl About Town) get asked ALL the time when is the best time to visit Scottsdale. Typically our answer is, that it is ALWAYS a great time of year to visit us!

I mean we all know that the summer is going to be hot….but it is a “dry heat” meaning there is no humidity and everywhere you go there is AC. I was pretty surprised how busy my team and I were over the summer but who wouldn’t want to visit our beautiful town and sit by the pool all day with a drink in your hand?

Here is a little breakdown by each month on what’s happening in Scottsdale and why you should visit during that time of year!

  • January- The holidays are over and everyone is ready to do something with their friends. I mean we love our family but if your bride to be needs her Bach to be in Jan. we are a great option. Temps are mid 60’s and every patio with a heater is packed with locals and out of town guests.

*Plus if you have been living under a rock the last 20 years the best event on the grass is happening…WASTE MANAGEMENT PHOENIX OPEN. (if you have not booked a house or hotel room…do it NOW or you will not have a good spot to stay)

  • February- Weather is still amazing and there are a plethora of actual events happening in the city

  • March- SPRING TRAINING BABY!! One of the most popular times to visit our state is for sure this month. The weather is starting to heat up meaning shorts and tank tops are making an appearance again. Plus our city is crawling with professional baseball players. Whether you enjoy baseball or not, you must go to at least one game a season. Every local has to have at least one hot dog and beer on the grass and play hooky from work. PLUS its a great destination spot for any true baseball fans

  • April- Weather is gorgeous and for sure the best month to visit

  • May- Weather is getting warmer and everyone is beginning to enjoy the pool on a weekly basis to prepare themselves for the summer.

  • June, July, August- It is hot…we KNOW but we have a ton of pool float rentals and great day clubs for you to enjoy

  • September-October: weather is beginning to cool down but the majority of the houses we work with have heated pools if you wanted to enjoy a dip still.

  • November: it has been a tad warmer than “normal” but the evenings are nice and for sure a nice break from the snow that’s happening all over the country

  • December: another great time of year if you can find time to escape before the holidays….

There you go!! Of course we can give you more inside knowledge and help you find a perfect weekend but hopefully the breakdown helps. Our city is prepared for the heat and knows how to make you forget that it is over 100 degrees out if you come during the summer.

Check out our Stay form if you are visiting NOT on a bach/bachelorette trip and lets plan your trip to the desert!



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